Emergency bathroom remodel.

This client was hospitalized and needed this bathroom to be safer and more accessible, and updated aesthetically. All of this had to be done in less than three days.


Tile and wall repair where an old exhaust fan had been, plus electrical modifications.

Large chandelier replacement, and dimmer switch installation.

Removal, seal replacement, reinstallation, and recaulking of toilet.

reverse osmosis installation Reverse osmosis water filtration system with standalone tap.

Antique drain repair. This drain pipe was leaking badly, but completely seized at its connection to the sink. It had to be sawed off and replaced with a new seal against the sink and a new chrome drain pipe to maintain the original aesthetic.

Sort of a continuation of the antique drain repair you saw above, this client requested I come back to replace the faucet, which included a request for solid chromed risers. This ended up being a very complicated job, as the shut off valves to the supply lines were seized and had to be replaced. Due to galvanic corrosion, they couldn't be removed entirely without compromising the plumbing behind the wall. The tiles had just been re-glazed, which meant opening up the wall was not an option. I ended up taking apart and rebuilding the shut off valves, effectively making them brand new. (You can see more about this on the Facebook page for Measure Twice Repairs, llc.)

Removal, seal replacement, reinstallation, and recaulking of toilet that had a seeping wax seal.

Various photos of complex plaster repairs, with dust control setup.

Snaking a clogged bathtub drain.

Simple bracketed window AC installation.

Bathroom mirror installation.

led chandelier

Conversion from a dim, undersized pendant lamp to a new LED chandelier, with dimmer switch.

Complex drywall repair, with wall texture.

window sill

Rotted exterior sill replacement.

wood floor repair

Burned/stained hardwood floor repair. (Scraping, sanding, color matching, polyurethane.)

slow sink drain

Snake / auger used on a slowly draining sink.

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