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Can you rebuild my deck?

Well, not exactly. I mean, I could rebuild your deck. But that's not what I do. I don't do large jobs that require multiple people and lots of equipment.

Do you take credit cards?

Not via in person swipe. Currently I take cash--which is preferred--Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal. Through PayPal I can send an email invoice/request which can be paid via credit card.

What jobs do you do?

I do smaller jobs, and I do them very well. Grab bars installed through tile. Child proofing. Emergency repairs. Repairing damage to walls. Safely installing a flat screen TV. Getting a toilet to stop running. Etc. I'll also take on larger jobs for some clients--such as interior/exterior painting, tiling, minor remodels, etc.

More than anything, I enjoy complicated repairs. The kind of thing that might make you wonder who you should even call. My favorite job to date was repairing the damage from a leaky pipe that had rotted out studs and drywall.

My focus on small and/or unusual jobs and ongoing relationships is good for you if you're constantly looking for someone who can do these things, as not many contractors will take the time out of their schedule. With me you get a professional contractor who is polite, cleans up after himself, and pays attention to detail. A lot safer than a random guy on Craigslist. (Let's face it--people don't generally think many flattering things when they think of the average handyman.)

Do you give free estimates?

I can often provide a free estimate over text or email if given photos and details about the job.

I'm in South Jersey, do you come this far?

No. Depending on the situation, I might take an ongoing client as much as an hour away. But not as far as south jersey.

Do you work in NY?

Per my insurance policy, I'm only able to work in NJ.

Your website isn't too bad, who made it?

I did. And the logo. And I took all the photos. (All the tools you see are mine.)

Contact me via phone, text, or email to get started.